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Brief Overview of the Terminal
Our aim is to keep the terminal comfortable to stay and easy-accessible for every user.

We have realized supreme comfort and accessibility with the departure floor directly connected to the train station, island style check-in counters, and separate flow-lines for departure / arrival gates. The open-planned space and the vaulted ceiling with plenty of natural daylight add more comfort to the facility.

Dimensions of the Building
Framework : Steel
Levels : 3 (4 in some areas)
Total Floor Space: Approx. 15,400 square meters (Excluding the other buildings used as energy facilities, etc.)

Our Facility Features
Easy access to the city----Approx. 18 min. by Port Liner from Sannomiya Station
Easy flow from check-in through the boarding-----Only 10m accessway between the train station and the terminal
Cozy and user-friendly ------Departure and arrival floors are separated
Universal Design----------All-Multifunctional restrooms and audio-assist devices are available
Open-planned pleasant space------ Vaulted ceiling with plenty of natural daylight
Great views unique to an offshore airport----Enjoy views of the city in the north, oceanand the runway in the south right in front of you all at the same time!
Distinctive 'Kobe Atmosphere'------Check out the wide varieties of Kobe brand items at our tenant stores.

Capacity Approx..1250
150 yen^hour
iDaily maximum charge is 1,500 yen. j

*Passenger parking fee concession: Free of charge up to 24 hours. 150 yen/hour over the first 24 hours. (Daily maximum charge is 1,000 yen.)
*Disability concession rates: Rates for the disabled will be as half as the regular ones.
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