- Kobe Airport now became a theme park!
Please enjoy the miniature world created by Tatsuya Tanaka -

Kansai Airports is delighted to announce the opening of the first permanent museum by a miniature photographer and resemblance artist Tatsuya Tanaka, “MINIATURE LIFE x KOBE AIRPORT” at Kobe Airport on Friday, September 30.

Under the concept of “a theme park where adults and children alike can enjoy flying and plane watching,” the one-and-only museum has opened with two exhibition rooms in KOBE’s rooftop area where visitors can get a panoramic view of the airport. You can also enjoy a gigantic broccoli object, a representative work of Tatsuya Tanaka, in the rooftop lawn area. It would be a perfect photo spot, and a place to enjoy a sense of becoming a miniature piece in the world of MINIATURE LIFE.

Kansai Airports Group will continue to create new travel experiences through initiatives that will excite airport users and bring smiles to their faces.



A theme park where adults and children alike can enjoy flying and plane watching


Rooftop area (Giant Brottree object)

Exhibition room[weekday]10:00~19:00
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays]9:00~20:00

Outline and location

1. Popular miniature photographer and resemblance artist Tatsuya Tanaka’s permanent museum (Two exhibition rooms in the rooftop area)

Exhibit works inspired by the city of Kobe, aircraft and the airport.
- AIRPORT ZONE: Miniature world resembling the airport and aircraft
- KOBE ZONE: Miniature world resembling Kobe’s landscapes

2. Exhibition of a large object (Rooftop lawn area)

Display a giant object of a broccoli, which often appears in Tanaka’s miniature works, taller than a man in the rooftop lawn area. A perfect photo spot to create a special memory of visiting Kobe and the airport.

3. Display of artworks in collaboration with companies (Various locations across KOBE terminal)

MINIATURE LIFE will collaborate with companies, who support the airport’s vitalization, in creating and displaying across the terminal works that feature the companies in a humorous way.
(Open for applications in summer 2022. See the next page for contact details.)
KOBE rooftop area

Miniature world resembling the airport and aircraft

Recreate KOBE AIRPORT in a miniature form.

Examples of worksMiniature world resembling Kobe’s landscapes

Recreate Kobe in a miniature form and display other works inspired by the city.

* Renderings and images for illustration purposes only

Introduction of Tatsuya Tanaka

Tatsuya Tanaka

Miniature photographer and resemblance artist. Tanaka has been creating and posting online “MINIATURE CALENDAR,” which incorporates everyday objects into miniature art pieces, on a daily basis since 2011. He has held a number of exhibitions at home and abroad, and his major works include the title sequence for the 2017 NHK serial TV drama Hiyokko and the exhibition at the Expo 2020 Dubai Japan Pavilion. Tanaka has over 3.5 million followers on Instagram as of June 2022.
His publications include MINIATURE LIFE, Small Wonders, MINIATURE TRIP IN JAPAN, MINIATURE LIFE at HOME, and picture book KUMITATE.